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In 2008, Darko Milicic in the Rockets in due to the referee and dissatisfaction to will his shirt torn to shreds, "pure masterses son" personality is evident. Famous the so-called big loss, due to the basketball of confrontation and highly demanding, the basketball athletes often in size and strength far beyond the ordinary, former WWE champion "rock Johnson" in the wrestling field with an extraordinary height and strong physique, in the movie will go to play a tough guy, but in front of the Buckley and O'Neill, he is a tree the letter of the bean sprouts. in fact, in many NBA players have fight hand potential players not in the minority, which even many quasi professional players, Gortat, wizards are active players in the leader. Gortat from Poland, born in a family of boxing. His father Jia nouze Gortat is boxing champion of Poland, was at the 1972 Munich Olympics and the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games twice won the bronze medal, and Gortat's brother, Robert, is a professional boxer. Every summer, Gortat will be with their family and personal trainer boxing, look at the entire NBA, wait for sparring conditions have almost no. Kung Fu practiced for a long time, once the Jiyang will naturally seek opportunity to learn from, but the NBA for protection against players expressly prohibits a player in the game that is similar, on the pitch but also prohibited acts of violence, empty Dragon Technology Gortat lonely harder and harder want to sink it hard, results in an interview with ESPN not choose words that NBA hopes to increase provisions similar to NHL, allows players to fight to resolve the conflict. Gortat vision of the NHL "moderate fight" refers to the rules: the referee will in the game allowed players 1 to 1 with bare hands singled out for NHL and even the birth of the field specialized to fight for the role of responsibility, "full-time enforcer", specifically on the court to resolve disputes. Sometimes they even become part of the strategy and the other ACE PK exchange (but need the consent of the other party). NBA in early and NHL quite have the origin, both sides shared venues do not say (the older players often complain that just match the laying of the floor due to ice melting water seepage slip), court fight as common, breaking a nose less two incisors commonplace, such as lake name host Jerry Weiss special 〉